Plasmapanels represent a revolutionary leap forward in the domain of acoustic control. Addressing the challenges inherent in traditional passive sound treatments and active control methods. Plasmapanels offer deep-subwavelength ultrabroadband performance in a lightweight, fully-customisable design.

Product Overview

The Plasmapanel features a cutting-edge plasmacoustic metalayer at its core, developed by a patented high-voltage electrode arrangement. This innovative component, comprised of positively charged ions, is modulated electrically to produce sound waves capable of reducing ambient noise and improving the quality of surrounding acoustics.

Advanced Sound Management

Microphones embedded within the panel’s front surface capture ambient sound, relaying this data to an electronic controller. Utilising proprietary software, the controller adapts its output to enable the metalayer to absorb, reflect, or cancel sound according to the requirements of the specific application.

Acoustic Enhancement

Configured for absorption, the Plasmapanel excels in eliminating unwanted noise and reverberation, regardless of its angle of incidence. This unique capability can significantly enhance the acoustics and sound comfort of the environment in which the panel is installed.

Customization and Design

Plasmapanels are highly customisable, offering flexibility in both form-factor and dimensions to suit each application’s specific needs. Their lightweight and streamlined design simplifies installation, while versatile configuration and attachment options support standalone or arrayed use. This adaptability ensures optimal performance in a wide range of spaces, from small rooms to large auditoriums.


Integrated Driving & Control
  • Integrated ARM Cortex processor running Sonexos Plasmapanel Sound Controller (PSC) and (optional) Plasmapanel Array Sound Controller (PASC)
  • Integrated Class-D High Voltage (HV) amplifier
  • Integrated high-SNR MEMS microphones
  • Low-latency single path
  • Integrated power supply and power management
  • Optional USB, BTLE, I3C & SPI interfaces for programming and control
Compact & Lightweight Design
  • Ultra-slim design < 30 mm depth (typ.)
  • Light weight assembly < 8 kg/m2 (typ.)
  • High-quality, high-technology materials
  • Supports multiple attachment options


Ultrabroadband Noise Reduction
  • User-defined target acoustic impedance setting
  • Easily configurable for active absorption or active sound control
  • Ultra-broadband operation
  • Absorbs both normally and obliquely incident sound
Versatile Deployment
  • Streamlined, light-weight design
  • Form-factor may be tailored to suit
  • Easily deployable in a variety of situations
  • Operates alone or as part of an array for enhanced performance in large areas


Plasmapanels offer versatile configuration and deployment options to improve the acoustics and reduce noise in a wide range of situations. Examples include:


  • Passenger vehicle cabins
  • Light truck and minivan cabins
  • Commercial vehicle cabins
  • Heavy moving equipment
  • Vehicle HVAC

Mass Transportation

  • High-speed train cabins
  • Private aircraft cabins
  • Passenger aircraft cabins
  • Crew and first class cubicles

Consumer & Commercial

  • Small offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Media/music rooms
  • Building HVAC systems


  • Plant control rooms
  • Machine rooms
  • Factory HVAC systems
  • Extraction fans

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